Who I Am

Hello, my name is Peter Grinnell. Welcome to my professional website. Currently, I am seeking employment in the field of Graphic Design. My passion is web, layout and package design. I also enjoy branding. Regardless of this, I am open to all design opportunities.

Recently, I have successfully completed two internships. I am currently looking for employment as a Junior/Entry Level Graphic Designer. Some of my past projects include web design, editing photographs, branding, and layout design. I do consider myself highly motivated. I try to look for new inspirations to find a new way to create something new.

On my free time, I like to play music. I feel that being active in something other than design helps with my creativity. I feel that subconsciously it can help with a creative problem. I see all creative fields related to each other. And there is a connection.

As A Designer

I recently completed my internship at North Village Group. At North Village Group, I was designing websites and edit images photo and illustrations for the web. Prior to my internship at North Village Group, I did an Internship at Direct Vision Supply, At Direct Vision Supply I was editing photographs for web and print to be used in their catalog. In addition, I was invited to be part of the creative process for the layout of the catalog.

I studied Graphic Design at The Art Institute of Austin, where I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts. My passion lies with web design, layout, package design, and branding. For web design, I love coding and I love seeing it all come together. Also, I find there are more creative opportunities for web than there is for print. For layout, I see layout is part of everything regardless what I am doing. It is the backbone to good design. Package design interests me because I think there are interesting things going on now that makes it exciting. And, I see it as a good way to market something. Lastly, branding is interesting to create something that is memorable. In culture is very appealing also, I like the different styles of classic branding and modern.

I started love photography when I was in high school. I took a few photography classes while in high school. But, as I learned more about design, I fallen in love with illustration.

My Design Style

I have always had a great love for the past, I love the older styles and I think it is important to use them if needed. However, I am not a traditionalist, I believe that combining the old with modern is what keeps design interesting and moving forward. I love both mediums computer and traditional. They both have their strengths and weakness.

I also, like using things from other cultures as long they are done correctly. As the world becomes more global, I think it is important to try things from other cultures and try to see what happens when we blend things together that are not common.

Lastly, I am into the environment. I prefer to use material that is and will be ecology friendly. I think being part of the solution rather than continuing something that is not helpful is important. And I see it as long as I am aware of the information I will try to do my part.

I try to think of ideas that are both extreme abstract and realism. A lot of artist that I admire come from those directions. I do see design as art so I try to put a piece of art in what I do if it is possible. But I do understand what design is and it is meant for. I think that most people do enjoy art and it does get noticed when done right and that would help to sell the project to its intended audience. I think it is part of human nature. And my job is to find the perfect medium for that.