Restaurant Flyer

For this assignment, I went through several ideas. I ended up using a high-end restaurant. I like the minimal look for high end design. So, I did a lot of research on the style. I found even the logos are minimal also. So, I though a fish for a seafood restaurant would work find. I tried to imitate what is being done.
For the layout I chose something simple without too many ideas. It seemed to work best with the style. For reference because I am not aware of any advertising toward the rich I used a seafood restaurant the caters to this kind of clientele as a reference.

Logo Sketches

As I began my sketching period, I was looking at my audience. I was looking for something different and unique. As I brainstormed and researched possible ideas for a logo. I came across an idea that made me think for something elegant. So, now finding a logo for the restaurant I thought of all my ideas then I researched logo for this kind of eating establishment. I noticed this is very minimal with design. It took time to understand what was needed. I felt just a fish against a plate would work. It was simple and minimal.

Layout Sketches

For my layout, I followed something very simple. This was for my audience. I researched other flyers for this audience and I noticed that they layouts were simple, nothing fancy. So, I kept it in the same style.


I decided to go with a high end look on this assignment. I got the idea as I was sketching logos ideas. So, that made this part simple. I found a few websites that helped to guide me what to use and think about when it comes to using restaurant fonts and typefaces. This is a foreign to me so it really helped a lot. I did notice the style is very conservative not as open minded as in other markets.

Color Palette

I ended up using black and white. To me they add a certain sophistication. Also, this seemed more common in this kind of market. So I kept this simple as well because this was my audience.