The "Old Town" Shaving Company

One of my school projects was to redesign a website that I did not care for. I found The "Old Town" Shaving Company's website. It looks to me; they are trying to market themselves to a 1900’s feels with a country/western look. But it seems the person that was in charge of this project did not know what he/she was doing. This looks very disorganized. So, basically I tried to keep the style they are going for.
I did redesign the logo. I felt a stretched logo is going to turn of customers. After then I condensed the site into a few categories that I felt was truly important. Too me, it just felt that the designer(s) put too much in the site without any real direction. I decided to show a few pages I wanted to give a feel how I would design the entire site so I did it as someone would go thru the buying process as a brand new customer.


          The "Old Town" Shaving Company's Official Site


I decided to add mock-ups for all the webpages that I created. I also added a homepage for smartphones and tablets. I wanted to give an idea what this would look like in real life.

Logo Sketches

For the logo, I debated about using classic signage or item found in a shaving store. I had an interest to explore two option that would keep the same feel the company was going for. I liked the traditional signage I help to set the tone of what the company wanted. I could see this a lot of my ideas being used as a part of the store if I was designing it back then. But, I also liked things found in a barber shop like brushes. To me, it also gave a feeling of what to store was going for. So they both seemed logical for what how the store are marketing themselves.

Logo Variation Sketches

With the two options for the logo, I ultimately decided on the sign option. I thought I had two good ideas for a logo that would be appealing. I liked the hanging sign idea a lot to me it emphasized their look a little more and I thought it was more universal. Although, I did like the option for elements of a store. I looked at it since they are marketing themselves as a store with a western/county and/or turn of the 1900’s century style, then why not try to be as authentic as I can for a website.

Catalog Page Sketches

For this page, I thought about rollovers that that gave an average rating and/or other information. But, I decided against it because I thought this was a bit too modern it is not used very much anyways so I felt it was pointless. Also, I thought it would break the tone of an older style.

Product Page Sketches

For details on the product, I thought what would help the customer the most. I added detailed information the product. I also added reviews from customers and some other products that would be useful if this was not exactly what they were looking for.

Sign IN/Registar Page and Payment Pages Sketches

For these pages, I treated them the same because their pages where the consumer would input information and that is it. I like the current idea of keeping the background greyed out this keeps it simple and makes it easier for the consumer to know what to look for. I really was not planning to do anything modern; this is my only exception. I purposely did not want modern website design because I wanted to keep the theme the store had. So, I was trying respect the theme they are using. However, these two pages are my exception. I chose a modern look on these pages because I felt this is getting common these days and it would be expected eventually from customers. Yes, having a dated look can be attractive but having a dated site is unattractive. I decided to blend old and new together. Also, by juxtaposition the two different styles, old and a modern they should avoid giving a dated look to the site.

Receipt/Shipping Pages Sketches

These are pretty standard pages I decided to keep with the standard look. This seemed to work for the company and I think that the audience would be very receptive for this.


To keep the country/western look, I decided to use western typefaces. These were to be used for the headline only. For the body I went with a traditional typeface readability was my main concern. Since our eyes tire easily after a while when we read long decorative typefaces, I thought a traditional san-serif font would work best. Also, I thought if I used too much of the western theme it would lose a broader audience. If overdone it could be look as upon very negativity. I wanted to keep the feel of the original website but I wanted to make sure it would be appealing enough to a wider audience. I understand to try first for the intended audience but I also felt that toning it down a little could have a broader appeal and I don’t think the intended audience would drive away too many of their main core of an audience.

Color Palette

For my logo, I chose gold for the symbolism when we think of gold. Which is money, and certain amount of success. To me, people want to see something that gives a feeling that the company will be around for some time.