King taco catering website

This was the first project that I was assigned with North Village Group. I was assigned to redesign a website for V.I.P. Catering Service. I looked at their current website and took what I liked about it and redesigned everything else.
I like that they were going for a modern style. So, I used that within my design. I chose black as a background because to me it is an elegant color. Then I decided to break up the menu page into two pages they both had a lot of information. I felt putting the two types of menus as one page could be overwhelming. For the different menu categories, I created icons to be used that would represent the different food items.


         King Taco Catering Official Site

Webpages from clients website

I chose to show the original site. I did include their site under my overview but I decided to add their images incase when this is looked at it was updated. I am showing this to show where it started from and where I took it.


I decided to add mock-ups for their website. I think giving a more way to see the site in real life applications the better.