Silly Jumpers

One assignment that I worked on was a project for Silly Jumpers. This was a two-part project. The first part was to remove the product from the background. For the most part this was simple for me. I spent most of my internship with Direct Vision Supply doing this exact same thing. Just because most of it was shot against a white background. So, the magic eraser tool did the job. But there was about three or four that was shot outdoors with shadows on the product. Obviously, this was more difficult. So, the first thing I did was to copy the product using the pen tool after I copied it and removed the background I then copied any sections that look fine and resized to hide any shadows.
The second part was to create sliders out of the pictures that I had cropped. This was a few weeks later. So, I looked for common themes with the different toys. I looked at a few websites to use the current trend for this market.