Del Taco Rebranding

I have never liked any of the Del Taco’s logos, past and present. I have always felt that were done badly without any taste. So, I decided to create something classier and stylish. I feel that even though this is just fast food it can still be something people will like. This would be a good reflection on the company. Instead of giving a “cheap” look it should have a more elegant look. I do believe despite people’s position in life that people generally prefer something classy and elegant over something cheap looking.

With the logo, I decided to give it a southwest feel to it. My decision was based on the company is based in California and the kind of food they serve: hamburgers and tacos. I felt this was an American and Mexico influenced so I tried to have the logo reflect this.


          Del Taco's Official Site

Logo Sketches

For a logo, as I said I was looking at the culture Del Taco serves. I looked and considered with the environment of the southwest. Items from a desert, things from Mexico. My focus was the culture, people, and the environment.


I went with a more stylish typeface than what most fast food restaurant uses. I thought it would give it a more modern look. For the style guide I went with more traditional. I thought two things, one it is for business people. I have noticed that larger business as hard as they try not to appear they have a more conservative look to them. And, stylish type becomes hard on the eyes.

Color Palette

For my color choices, I went with the environment. What colors are natural part of the desert. The answer is brown, golds, and reds. So, I used that as my theme.